Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Enjoying the gifts

(Image by MKP Images)

I just wanted to reflect for a minute about one of my ever-present goals. It is to focus on the present and whatever act I'm doing at the moment, do it well and with intention. For me this means reading a book with my toddler without also checking my phone, or having one client's designs rule my computer screen without any internet windows open. It also is what led to my decision to leave my career in teaching to focus on this stationery business. Whatever I do, I really like to do well, and when I was designing invitations, teaching high schoolers, and being a mom and wife, I realized I wasn't able to excel in any of them because I was doing too many things. This was all inspired by a post on The Zen of Doing that I found through Sage Wedding Pros that quoted the zen proverb:

"When walking walk; when eating, eat."

If you are a wedding vendor, I highly recommend the Sage Wedding Pros blog. Sometimes I swear she can see my desk or thoughts because the posts are so spot-on.

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