Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Process

I'm picky. I'm a picky eater and drinker. My coffee has to be hot, so I spend the better part of my morning in front of the microwave reheating it. I order tacos without lettuce and cheeseburgers just the meat, cheese, and bun. I'm also picky in the sense that I like to pick things, and I sometimes get carried away in the calmness that comes from these repetitive actions. Next time you're stressed, try picking weeds :)

This translates to my stationery pieces when I have to apply adhesive to 4 sides of 300 pages and perfectly place each one of its mounting, and I still find myself enjoying what I'm doing. I thought it would be fun to share the behind the scenes process of an average-sized order. These save the date luggage tags are for the grand opening celebration of an airport in Florida.

1) Print and cut all pieces.

2) Adhere the fronts and backs of each tag. Each card is then trimmed and the top corners are cut.

3) Measure center, punch holes, insert and set grommet.

4) Cut suede cording to size and thread through each grommet.

5) Final product with all its subtle picky details :)


  1. these are way too cute! at first I thought they were sharks, clearly they're not :) But seriously, great work!

  2. love it! I'm a picky eater + stationer too... I even order my hot chocolates from starbucks to be 190 degrees (it can't be made any hotter or the millk will curtle as they often remind me) ;) very well done, I adore quality craftsmanship like this! xo

  3. Lori, kudos. We checked out the airport and locale on Google. Your reputation is obviously growing!