Wednesday, September 30, 2009

adopted home

Often times when I ship my programs or wedding day creations, it's a troubling experience. I spend hours making each one by hand and then in an instant they're gone, and to be honest, I kind of miss them. I'm thankful to those brides and photographers that send me pictures of their day. Not only do I get to see my online clients and see if my mental pictures actually match the real them, but I get to see my work in its intended home, which is always better than my little studio.

Here is a picture courtesy of Taek Photography from one of those real weddings. You might remember it as the Marmivon wedding post. For more pictures of this beautiful wedding, visit the planner's website here.

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  1. Thanks Lori for posting these pictures!!! Hanging your programs was totally last minute but I'm so glad it turned out so cute! :) I'll be sure to check on your blog every now and then! c