Tuesday, August 25, 2009

farm fans

Maggie and Steven are lucky enough to get married on her family's farm, so they chose a rustic, but still chic pallette of kraft brown, chocolate, green, and ivory. The covers are stitched with chocolate thread in a freehand curve to accent the circle cutout.

August in Missouri...hopefully these fans help to cool the guests down so they can enjoy what I'm sure will be a beautiful wedding. Congrats and best of wishes to my "farm" couple. (I secretly nickname every bride by the way...always something nice though)


  1. Lori,
    Thanks so much for your work on our beautiful wedding programs! They were perfect for the big day :)
    All the best,
    Maggie & Steve

  2. Lori, Thanks for your lovely programs, they were just the professional touch we needed to make the day perfect. To see pictures of the wedding join our group on facebook- Edg-Clif Farms and Vineyard. Thanks again, Mother of the Bride!!!